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Q : 天然木を使ったものとそうでないものの見分け方はあるの? 

Q: How can you distinguish the vessels that use natural wood and that do not?


Vessels made of natural wood float on water, and vessels made of hardened wood powder and coated with synthetic resin sink. It's hard to recognize by appearance, but there are differences in texture and price. Please feel free to consult us when you are in need of help.  

Q : 漆器ってかぶれないの? 

Q: Do you get a skin rash with lacquer ware?


Once it's completely dry, you won't get a rash. However, if you have sensitive skin and use lacquer ware that has just been applied with lacquer, you may get a rash on rare occasions. Should you experience a rash, refrain from using it and consult a doctor.

Q : 電子レンジ・食器洗浄機・乾燥機は使えますか? 

Q: Can I use a microwave oven, dishwasher, and dryer for lacquer ware?


Unfortunately, it cannot be applied to lacquer ware which is made of natural wood and natural lacquer. Please do not put lacquerware in a dishwasher, a dish dryer, or a microwave oven. Exposure to water sprayed at high temperature, pressure or drying can damage the coating and wood and may crack or deform.

Q : 洗剤は使えますか? 

Q: Can I wash it with dishwashing liquid?


Please wash it with a soft sponge using a mild kitchen detergent. Please avoid using soap detergent, scrubbing brush, scouring powder, etc. as they will scratch the surface of the lacquer.

Q : 使ったらすぐに洗って、拭かないといけないんですよね? 

Q: Do I have to wash and wipe the lacquer ware immediately after using it?


If the vessel has no cracks and chips, there is no problem to soak it in water for a while, but it is better not to soak it for a long time. (If there are cracks or chips, moisture will enter and cause the lacquer to come off.) After washing, wipe off moisture with a soft cloth such as worn-in cotton cloth or a towel in order to prevent water spotting. 

Q : 漆のにおいが気になるのですが、、、

Q: I'm nervous about the unique smell of lacquer...


When you start using lacquer ware, you may be concerned about the smell of lacquer. This is a unique scent of natural lacquer, and it gradually disappears as you use it. If you really care about the smell, please try the following methods.

- Soak in rice water left over from washing and polishing rice overnight and wash with lukewarm water.

- Place in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

- Put the dried red chilli pepper in half inside the bowl.

If you use the above methods, the odor will disappear faster than if you use it normally.

Q : 熱いものを入れても大丈夫?

Q: Is it okay to put hot things in lacquer ware? 


It is OK if it's hot enough to eat, not just boiled. The lacquerware made of natural wood and natural urushi lacquer does not get hot and you can hold it in your hand. It is better not to put something too hot, such as freshly boiled liquid. The surface of lacquer may turn white due to sudden temperature changes. Once the color changes, it will not return unless it is repainted. Passing the vessel through lukewarm water before use can avoid temperature changes.


Q : 油ものや酢の物にも使えますか? 

Q: Can I put fried food or vinegared vegetables on the lacquer ware?


There is no problem because urushi lacquer is resistant to acids and alkalis. There is no problem because lacquer is resistant to acids and alkalis. However, for fried foods or hot starchy sauce, the oil and the sauce may be hot, so it is better to take a moment before serving.

Q : 冷蔵庫に入れることはできますか? 

Q: Can I put the lacquer ware in the refrigerator?


It’s better not to keep it in the refrigerator for a long time as it is dry. There is no problem if you put the dish in the fridge until the meal starts.

Q : 同じものなのに、どうして重さが違うの? 

Q: Why are the weights different even though they are the same lacquer ware?


The weight varies depending on the weight of the wood itself and how it is clogged. Even vessels of the same shape can differ by tens of grams.

Q : お盆やトレーなどのお手入れは?

Q: How to care for trays and place mats?


Simply wipe it with a wet cloth and wipe off the moisture with a soft clothIf it is finished with urushi lacquer, it can be used not only as a tray but also as a plate, you can put food directly on it. In that case, wash it using a sponge and mild dishwashing liquid after use.

Q : 重ねて収納しても大丈夫?

Q: Can lacquer ware be stacked and stored?


Lacquer ware can be stacked on top of each other. It is recommended to store lacquer ware in lacquer ware, as lacquer coating may be damaged or scratched if it is layered on hard objects, such as glass, pottery, metal, etc.

Q : 漆器デビューをしたいのですが、何から揃えるのが良いですか? 

Q: I'd like to use lacquer ware for the first time. What should I start with?


You can feel lacquer wares’ smooth and gentle texture when you hold it in your hand and when you feel it on your mouth.  Please feel it by using a bowl, cup, or spoon.

Q : 器にヒビが入ってしまいました。どうしたらよいですか? 

Q: There is a crack in the vessel. What should I do?

まずはメールまたはお電話にてご相談ください。 状態を確認した上で、可能な場合はお直しをいたします。漆は丈夫と言いますが、落としたりぶつけたり、、、何らかの衝撃によりヒビが入ったり、欠けたりします。また、長く使い続けるうちに変色することもあります。しっかりした木地に丁寧な下地が施された漆モノなら、お直しすることができます。修理のご相談の場合は、「なぜ、どういう理由でそうなったのか」をお伝えください。

Lacquer is said to be durable, however it can be dropped or bumped, and it may have cracks or chips due to some kind of impact. The products made with a careful finish allowing it to be used for a long time. The same is true of lacquerware which the more you use it, the more it gains natural luster. One of the good points of genuine lacquerware with which careful base coating is applied, it can be repaired even if scratches or chips appear as you use it. The severity of damage differs from customer to customer. After examining the severity of damage, we suggest the best way to repair it thus allowing users to be able to use it for a long time. 

Q : 輪島キリモト以外の商品も修理できますか?

Q: Is it possible to repair products other than Wajima Kirimoto?

購入店や作り手がわかるものでしたら、直接連絡することをお勧めします。 直接の連絡が不可能な場合は、まずはメールまたはお電話にてご相談ください。 実物を確認した上で、可能な場合はお直しをいたします。(他産地の場合、使っている素材や工程が異なるため修理が難しいことがあります。)

If you know the shop where you bought it or name of the artist, we recommend that you contact them directly. If not, please consult us. After examining the actual condition, we will fix it if possible. If the lacquer ware is from another production area, it may be difficult to repair it because the materials and making processes are different from us.

Q : 修理ってどのくらいの費用、日数がかかりますか? 

Q: How much does it cost and how many days does it take to repair?


Since it depends on the condition, we will inform you of the repair method, fee and delivery date after examining the severity of damage.